Saturday, July 26, 2014

Say's been while.

     See, I told you.  I have a short attention span.  The last time I updated this blog was before Adepticon of last year.  Not last Adepticon, the one before that.  If you have been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the next exciting installment, I apologize.  Here's a quick wrap up for the previous entry that I hope will fill that empty place in your heart.  I did manage to finish my Gremlins for Malifaux just enough to field a crew.   I'm pretty happy how they turned out and I'll try to post pics of them later. I also finished my Wood Elves though I did not use the wood slice bases I had planned. They turned out okay, but they were a very quick paint job.  I also did a horrible job coaching them.
      Earlier this month I attended Zlurpee Bowl X, a Blood Bowl tournament held in Indianapolis, which hosted some sixty other coaches. Zlurpee Bowl encourages "fun" teams so I took a halfling team that I had already painted and played with before, Van Gor's Green Fairies, who I will do a feature on in the future. This year however I left my treemen, master chef, and rerolls at home,and instead opted to include four Zlurpee Stars which is the tournaments own brand of star players. I already had a painted Cromnard Dung, a performance enhancing potion abusing orc star player, who I also used last year, so I only had to paint three players. I of course left them until the last minute, and was dullcoating them the day we left for the tournament and had to apply static grass in the hotel. Still, they were a lot of fun to paint and I didn't really feel overwelmed by the task of getting them done.
Cromnard Dung


Larry Da'Zonk

Zlurpus Zembashki

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